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Empresa española, fundada en 1985, de carácter multidisciplinar que cuenta con los mejores medios tecnológicos y personal cualificado para realizar sus trabajos bajo el mar

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The sinking of the pipes of El Alamein (Egypt) Dessalination plant has begun.

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We have begun the sinking operations of the pipelines of El Alamein Dessalination Plant in Egypt. As the dredging works progress, the intake and outfall pipelines will be sunken and connected until the approximately 5100 linear metres of HDPE ND 1600 pipe had been installed in the trench.

Begining of the dredging works in El Alamein – Egypt.

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This month, the dredger “Abeko Server”, I with the split barge “Naval Segundo”, have started the dredging of the trench to allow the installation of the two intake pipelines and the outfall pipeline for El Alamein Desalination Plant in Egypt.

Atacama desalination plant – Chile

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MEDITERRANEO SERVICIOS MARINOS S.L. hasbeen selected, by the join Venture INIMA/CVV, for the construction of the marine works in the ATACAMA desalination plant (CHILE). The works will consist of dredging throught explosives, recovery of the two tunnel boring machines and installation of the intake and diffusers.

The covering begins in Al-Khafji – Saudi Arabia

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After finishing successfully the installation of 3 intakes towers of Al Khafji’s desalination plant, we initiate the covering with the ditch realized in his day for the outfalls and intakes. To cover the pipelines, we will use a contribution of sand of the desert, transported in trucks and arranged in the shore by spades, for his later pumping.

Installation of intakes towers in Al-Khafji – Saudi Arabia

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Alredy the works have been begun for the anchor drop, installation and connection to the pipelines of 3 intakes towes of Al Khafji’s desalination plant. The towers are mounted in land and later they are towed to his definitive position by our pontoon and helped by globes that improve the buoyancy of the tower.

Installation of the last pipe in Al Khafji – Saudi Arabia

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We have ended with the installation of the 12.000 ml of PRFV’s pipes that were forming 5 conductions in Al Khafji’s desalination plant. It was a question of 2 outfalls DN 1100 and 3 intakes DN 1300 that they were connecting with his corresponding intakes towers. We expect to initiate the installation of the intakes towers shorly.

Ending of the Works in Djerba – Tunisia

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The vessel “Naval Second” has ended with the covered one with the ditch where there established the intake and the outfall of Djerba’s desalination plant. With this work there has concluded successfully the installation of the conductions and the intake tower of this desalination plant.

CONGRATULATIONS to all the workers who have made possible this work.

The works begin in El Alamein – Egypt

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This month we have begun the works for Aqualia in the desalination plant in El Alamein (Egypt). The works are about 1 outfall and 2 intakes with intake structure. The pipes are of PEAD DN 1600.

Installation of Intake Tower in Djerba – Tunisia

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The construction has finished in land of the intake tower of Djerba’s desalination plant in Tunis. Once we finished the tower, it was proceeded to his launch into the water, tow and drop anchor in the location defined in the project. Later on, we proceeded to his connection with the pipeline previously anchored.

Ending of Works in Punta Yeguas – Uruguay

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We have finished the installation of the ocean outfall of Punta Yeguas, Uruguay. The installation of them on ballasts in the outfall, it has been the last work realized in this work.