Mediterráneo Servicios Marinos

Empresa española, fundada en 1985, de carácter multidisciplinar que cuenta con los mejores medios tecnológicos y personal cualificado para realizar sus trabajos bajo el mar

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Marine Construction · Activities

The Company carry out all kind of tasks related with outfalls and other submarine pipes (hydrocarbon pipes, water intakes etc ):

  • Construction: Wide experience on HDPE, Concrete and GRP outfall pipe installation including fabrication, assembly, towing, positioning, levelling, etc…
  • Maintenance and Repairs: to restore the good working order of the damaged elements, using techniques such dredging, supports, hydraulic tools, cutting & welding etc..
  • Studies: marine dynamics, area use, bathymetries, currents, temperature & salinity profiles, biocenosis and seabed pollution.
  • Monitoring and Control: Environmental vigilance, pipe structural quality control, sediments, etc…

Instalación de un emisario submarino

Other area of frequent intervention is lay and protection of telecom and power cables as well as inspection, maintenance and assistance on repairs.

To proceed with the inspections, the knowledge of the cable route it´s needed and this is achieved by the use of differential GPS, echo sounder and electric field locator Mod. In case a repair is needed, it will be of paramount importance to accurately identify the area of intervention.

MEDITERRÁNEO SERVICIOS MARINOS SL work as official contractor for Telefónica de España for cable maintenance and repair, since 1996.

Instalación de un cable telefónico

Many of the tasks performed by the personnel of the Marine Construction Department take place within the perimeter of harbour installations and vicinities and includes the construction of new docks and dams or their inspections if needed.

Also within the harbour environment other tasks are accomplished ,  like detailed bathymetries to know the draught of the different areas, and the dredging of areas that have been filled after certain amount of time.

Almost every job carried out at sea require dredging operations: for that reason the Company has the human resources and equipment suitable for big volumes ( from boats, by suction or mechanical traction ) , or limited dredging operations ( by divers ) .

The team responsable for this type of operations is considered multidisciplinary as the dredging team is supported by the technical department on the following aspects:

  • Bathymetries for performance calculations.
  • Characterization of materials to be dredged.
  • Preliminary dredging geothechnical studies.

Dragados y trabajos de puerto

The installation of artificial reefs is carried in tandem by the Marine Biology and Marine Construction departments.

First of all and previous to the installation, the Marine Biology Department carry out a series of studies to determine the optimal design of the modules, their dimensions and location.

After the preliminary study, the Marine Construction Department executes the installation using the company work boats and following the charts prepared by the Marine Biology Department.

Subsequently, a biological follow up is carried out to verify the objectives pursued by the reef installation. This type of studies include  side scan sonar surveys, seabed characterization, fisheries studies and other specific tasks which vary from case to case.

arrecife artificial

Balizamiento de zona protegida

Along the years of professional activity the Company has accumulated extensive experience on the installation, maintenance and removal of floating Recreational Platforms for beach bathing areas and marker buoys.

The platforms are installed during the summer in beach swimming areas and open to public use.  The buoys installation activities covers various uses depending on the circumstances: Beach segregation areas, protected marine reserves, marine construction sites, dredging areas etc……

In support for all the described activities the geographic positioning system with differential GPS signal reception guarantee a sub metric accuracy.

The construction, conservation and maintenance of lighthouse in difficult access areas like islands and islets with specialized personnel and equipment for adverse environmental working conditions, is also another area of the company activities.

From the beginning, the Company often participated on the preparation of studies for the development of fish farms and aquiculture projects.

Also the Marine Construction Department carry out the installation, inspection and repairs of the open sea fish farms including cages, anchoring systems, perimeter marker buoys, self supplied platforms etc.

In the other hand, the Marine Biology Department implements environmental monitoring to make sure that the presence of the cages does not affect the environment and the natural inhabitants beyond the established legal limits regarding this type of installations.


The main interventions on a dam are the following:

  • Inspection and repairs on the dam itself and / or containment barrage .
  • Substitution of headgates and other items.
  • Drainage and overflow valves checks.
  • Bulkhead Gate installation.
  • Leaks and concrete crack repairs.
  • De-blocking of grids and drainage.
  • Limnimeter installation and checks.
  • Bottom sediments dredging and material removal.
  • Installation of pipes, traps etc…

The Company has the necessary technical and human resources to carry out all these tasks. Among the most important technical equipments are the diving systems with  communications, underwater remote operated vehicles and diving equipment for hostile  conditions like contaminated or cold water.

Mediterraneo Servicios Marinos S.L technicians carry out all type of inspections and repairs both in water conduction tunnels ( from chlorinated to polluted ) and waste conductions ( urban and/or industrial ) .

Fort this type of work, both inspections or cracks and leaks repairs, we use the company internal protocol of intervention in confined spaces, taking preventive safety measures including the installation of evacuation lifting systems, portable gas analyzers to detect toxic or potentially explosives atmospheres etc.

When the depth of intervention is beyond 50m it is necessary to use more complex mixed gas diving techniques for each working depth  to insure the safety of the technicians and the quality of their work .

The company has technical and human resources to keep the divers at this kind of depths using scuba, surface supply and saturation diving techniques. 20 feet Containerised  Deep diving systems with decompression chamber, hot water systems, Trimix analyzers,…..

Surface Supply diving systems requires a topside intervention to control:

  • Breathing gas supply: The various gases are supplied through a cluster of hoses from the racks to the distribution panel where gas analysis and distribution take place according to the intervention type.
  • Lighting and depth control.
  • Communications: Between divers and the dive topside control by two way communicatios systems. Also CCTV it´s available
  • Remotely operated vehicle control.

The “ Abyss “ software is used to customize the diving profile of each diver according to the dive conditions ( available gases, water temperature, etc ).

buzo de profundidad