Mediterráneo Servicios Marinos

Empresa española, fundada en 1985, de carácter multidisciplinar que cuenta con los mejores medios tecnológicos y personal cualificado para realizar sus trabajos bajo el mar

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Marine Construction · Equipments and resources

Mediterraneo Servicios Marinos S.L. engineering departament gives support for the marine works execution. This departament performs the previus assessments, workings procedures, method statements, HSE and quality plans for a proper construction works. Our engineers are also in charge of the “on site managing“, remaining at least one of them at sie until the works are finished.

Personal especializado

The Company has 5 fully equiped highly specialised teams to carry out the projects in hand. Each team is composed by a Team Leader, commercial divers and tenders, making the company able to offer a wide range of services demanded by the market.

The diving personnel is composed by 51 divers in the following categories:

  • 2 Diving Instructors
  • 15 1st Class Divers
  • 13 Mid depth air diving technicians
  • 8 2nd class divers
  • 8 Restricted 2nd class divers
  • 5 Basic Divers

The above mentioned personnel holds the following specialities:

  • 10 Cutting & weldind specialists
  • 11 Salvage specialists
  • 10 Civil construction and explosives especialists
  • 12 Life support technicians
  • 6 Deep diving and mixed gas saturation diving

Also three full crews operate and maintain the work boats own by the company. Each crew is composed by the following members: Skipper, one mechanic and a minimum of two deck crew. In total 12 persons form the team operating the boats , 3 skippers, 3 naval mechanics and 6 deck crew.

The Company also has it´s own technical service at the industrial unit in Alicante, with workshop where specialists in mechanics and electronics carry out the control and maintenance of the MSM own equipment used in various projects. The workshop personnel includes 4 persons: 1 Workshop leader, 1 Stores leader and 2 assistants.

  • Deep Diving Systems
  • Cutting & Welding equipmentHydraulic tools
  • Underwater Wall thickness gauge «Cygnus»
  • Remotely operated vehicle
  • Inspection equipment
  • Side Scan Sonar
  • GPS-RTK R7 Trimble
  • Positioning Equipments
  • Total Station Leica TC300
  • Simrad dual frequency hydrographic echo sounder
  • Sonarlite Ohmex echo sounder
  • Magnetometer
  • Cable locator
  • Lorry with crane and trailer



  • LENGTH: 9.6 m.
  • BEAM: 7.5 m.
  • DECK PILLAR: 1.7 m.
  • DECK LOAD: 10 Tn

The platform is composed of 4 floating modules. Equiped with telescopic crane 19T/m and 2000Kp winch. Modules dimensions allow transport by road.


  • Harbour and marine construction.
  • Dredging.
  • Dams and reservoirs works.


Plataforma 8/80

  • LENGTH: 8.80 m.
  • BEAM: 5.80 m.
  • DECK PILLAR: 1.00 m.

Maximum deck load 7 Tn. 4 Modules construction to facilitate transport by road. 4 spuds to dump wave motion. Working depth up to 7 meters.


  • Submarine sampling, harbour and sheltered waters work.
  • Diving operations support.
  • Dams and reservoirs work. Originally design for submarine sampling it´s also used for cofferdam installation, generators , pumps and support to diving operations in reservoirs and harbour waters.



  • LENGTH: 18 m.
  • BEAM: 15 m.
  • DECK PILLAR: 1.52 m.

Modular elements. Maximum lifting capacity 80 tns. Hydraulically driven spuds 18m long. Transportable by road. Various machinery installation: backhoe excavator, crane  etc.


  • Harbour work.
  • Dredging Works on the splash zone.
  • Machinery and materials cargo.

Inflatable craft: LITORINA


  • LENGTH: 2,50 m.
  • BEAM: 1,30 m.
  • DRAUGHT: 0,50 m.
  • ENGINE: Outboard SUZUKI, 16 HP

Usefull for : shallow water bathymetries, coastal topography, supervision and control of dredging and dumping operations and sampling. It has the following equipment: RTK kinematic differential positioning system, Differential GPS, Hydrographic Echo sounder, VAN-VEEN oceanographic Grab sampler, NANSEN oceanographic bottle, Electronic gauges for pH,O2, Temperature and conductivity, DC 12V to AC 220V Converter and AC generator 1000w.

Inflatable craft: MEDITERRÁNEO TRES

Mediterráneo tres

  • LENGTH: 4,00 m.
  • BEAM: 1,67 m.
  • DRAUGHT: 0,12 m.
  • ENGINE: Outboard Johnson, 25 HP


Mediterráneo cuatro

  • LENGTH: 4,40 m.
  • BEAM: 1,95 m.
  • DRAUGHT: 0,15 m.
  • ENGINE: Outboard Johnson, 35 HP

Inflatable craft: LITORALES I

Litorales uno

  • LENGTH: 4,90 m.
  • BEAM: 2,10 m.
  • DRAUGHT: 0,17 m.
  • ENGINE: Outboard Mercury, 60 HP

Inflatable craft: MEDITERRÁNEO SIETE

Mediterráneo siete

  • LENGTH: 5,20 m.
  • BEAM: 2,16 m.
  • DRAUGHT: 0,17 m.
  • ENGINE: Outboard Mercury, 60 HP



  • LENGTH: 5 m.
  • BEAM: 2 m.
  • DRAUGHT: 0.7 m.
  • ENGINE: Outboard Yamaha, 60 HP

Inflatable craft: MEDITERRÁNEO SEIS

Mediterráneo seis

  • LENGTH: 6 m.
  • BEAM: 2,5 m.
  • DRAUGHT: 0,18 m.
  • ENGINE: Outboard Mercury, 90 HP