Mediterráneo Servicios Marinos

Empresa española, fundada en 1985, de carácter multidisciplinar que cuenta con los mejores medios tecnológicos y personal cualificado para realizar sus trabajos bajo el mar

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Marine biology · Equipment and resources

Postioning systems

  • DGPS max CSI wireless, with submétric accuracy with internal signal receiver EGNOS, RADIO BEACON and RTCM system OmniSTAR. Number of units : 3.
  • DIFFERENTIAL GPS with metric accuracy Canadian Marconi Superstar, with differential correction through radio signal.
  • TRIMBLE DIFFERENTIAL GPS with metric accuracy and satellite correction signal.
  • NAVIGATION SOFTWARE, embedded on a oceanographic program to view the boat position in real time and accurate route programming . The TRIMBLE Hydro Pro 1.3 software it´s installed on a dedicated Laptop . Number of units: 4.
  • RTK. High accuracy kinematic positioning. Real time centimetric accuracy positioning system.

Survey systems

  • UNDERWATER PHOTO CAMERA NIKONOS V with SB-102 flash and 35 mm y 15 mm lenses. Operational up to 60 m. Nº of units: 4.
  • B&W underwater high sensitivity minicamera.
  • UNDERWATER TOWED VIDEO CAMERA with stabiliser, umbilical and surface unit for real time monitoring. Sinchronized GPS data input allows to accurately position the video footage. Number of units: 2.
  • SONY TRS DIGITAL VIDEO CAMERA including waterproof case for 75 m, with 2 x 25 W lamps. Number of units: 2.
  • REMOTELY OPERATED VEHICLE (R.O.V.) SEABOTIX: Underwater video up to 200 m depth. Includes two cameras: Colour high resolution 570 lines , 0,2 lux and B&W high sensitivity 430 lines 0.03 lux. Internal orientable and dimmable quartz halogen and led lamps. Multidirectional propulsión by four independent propellers generating 3 axis motion, vertical, horizontal and rotational. Last generation of brushless electric motors 7 Kgf allows speeds up to 3kts. Fiber optic umbilical 7 mm diameter 250m long. This small ROV it´s easily transportable by road and suitable for medium size boats, being the ideal solution for inspection work in murky waters, difficult access locations, tunnels, etc.
  • SIDE SCAN SONAR C-MAX LTD, model CM800/S. Includes interface for differential GPS and it´s navigation program. Number of units: 2
  • HYDROGRAFIC ECHO SOUNDER SIMRAD EA 400: Dual frequency 38 Khz (mud penetrator to obtain mud thickness meassurement and locate buried objects) 200 Khz; Temperature sensor. Vertical maximum error: 1 cm. Data acquisition 1 every 1/10th of a second , at speed of 2 knt means 10 data per linear meter. Raw data storage capacity for post-processing filtering. Number of units: 2
  • SIMRAD EQ32 MK-II ECHO SOUNDER, working frequency 50-200 kHz, up to 800 m depth, 2 NMEA input/output data string ports
  • SIMRAD EQ32 MK-II ECHO SOUNDER, working frequency 50-200 kHz, up to 800 m depth, 2 NMEA input/output data string ports
  • VIBROCORER to obtain cylindrical undisturbed samples of non consolidated seabed sediment; seabed characterization for dredging works, geothecnical studies.
  • Main characteristics: Base with guides for 3m samples; Eccentric electric vibrator motor 3.600 rpm/60Hz inside case, complete with clamps and pipe holders for 100 and 70 mm diameter. Generator three phase 380 v. Laminated seamless steel pipe 10.2 cm diameter. Max Depth: 150 m. Sample barrel length: 3 m.
  • SUB-BOTTOM PROFILER to determine depth, seabed sediments layers thickness detection, materials properties assesment and location of pipes, cables and rocks. Main characteristics: primary frequency 100 Khz, secondaries 5, 6, 8, 10, 12 and 15 Khz; transducer 22×22 cm; pulse length 60-500µs; operational range 5-200m; depth working range between 2 to 400 m.
  • MULTIPARAMETRIC PROBE. For water quality control, outfall fluids discharge trace charting, continuous monitoring for vertical profiles records, long term studies, superficial water circulation assesments on lakes, tanks bays and estuaries. Main features: Memory 150 readings ( depending of active parameters number ) with additional 1,5MB, Output format ASCII, weight 952,56 gr, Size: 11.9×22.9 cm, Sensors: Conductivity, Depth, Temperature, Oxygen, Turbidity, Chlorophyll and pH.


Sampling tools

  • VAN VEEN GRAB SAMPLER apperture 40 x 40 cm Inox built. 4 Units of various sizes.
  • PVC FRAMES, MARKED AND BALLASTED ROPES FOR Posidonia seaweed and other communities density and coverage meassurements.
  • NISKIN HYDROGRAPHIC BOTTLE for water sampling at various depths.


Diving Equipment

  • SCUBA DIVING EQUIPMENT: Single cylinder 18 l. @ 200 bar and Scubapro R-190 regulator.
  • SCUBA DIVING EQUIPMENT: 10 and 12 l cylinders @ 200 bar with regulators.
  • PERSONAL DIVING GEAR: Dry suits, wet suits, masks, fins, weights, knifes, personal dive computer etc…
  • TOWED UNDERWATER DIVING GLIDER: Equipment to tow a diver close the seabed.
  • UNDERWATER SCOOTER: for long distance underwater displacements. Battery powered. Range two hours or four miles.
  • ABYSS DIVING SOFTWARE for Deep diving with Nitrox or Trimix. Dive planning safety.


Laboratory for samples processing.

Mediterráneo Servicios Marinos has a fully equipped laboratory for the processing and analysis of sediment, water and biological samples.

Granulometry tests are carried out according to European Norm UNE-EN 933 for marine and terrestrial sediments characterisation. This is a preliminary step for various studies regarding engineering, construction and biological research activities.

The ammount of parameters obtained through water sampling analysis are numerous. Among them: Amoniac, DBO, DQO, Nitrates, phosphates….

Also the Mediterráneo Servicios Marinos laboratory carry out various tests to determine and characterize marine biological samples and macrofauna . In the other hand is also specialized in demographic and lepidocronologic studies of phanerogam fields.

Laboratorio de procesado de muestras

Marine Research Tanks.

Mediterráneo Servicios Marinos has sea water tanks within our installations to carry out a variety researches which requires the control of a number of physical and chemical water properties like: salinity, temperature, light, etc…

All this is possible thanks to four sea water independent recirculating systems with the most advanced technology including temperature control, sand filters, skimmers, ozone control, ultra violet lamps etc. Also underground high volume tank systems offer a inertia of all the parameters assuring their stability without abrupt changes.

tanques de investigación marina

The Marine Biology department has a wide team of proffesionals skilled in various sectors of the activity.

The technical team is formed by nine graduates in Biology and four in Sea Sciences which also have the following specialities :

  • Mid depth air diving technicians (2)
  • Basic Professional Divers (3)
  • Restricted 2nd class Professional Divers (4)
  • Shallow water Professional Divers (2)
  • Basic boat crew (8)
  • Skipper (4)

Personal cualificado














Mediterráneo cinco

Mediterráneo cinco

  • LENGTH: 31 m.
  • BEAM: 7.50 m.
  • DRAUGHT: 3.5 m.
  • ENGINE: 430 HP

Loading and dredging equipment: Backhoe Excavator Cartepillar 225. Hydraulic grapple. Clamshell grabber. Braking hammer. 170 m³ tank with damping doors. Bow 40 Tn winch. 

Navigation Aids: VHF Radio. Lowrance X-16 Echo sounder. GPS Magellan Nav 500. Radar Furuno.

Auxiliary equipment: 105 Kva Generator, 85 Kva Generator. Diving Decompresion Chamber. HP and LP compressors. Deep diving gas supply system. Two auxiliary craft with outboard engine. Hydraulic crane 2 tns lifting capacity.

Accommodation: 5 crew in three cabins, messroom , galley and  WC. Capacity for 9 crew.

  • Submarine outfall pipe construction.
  • Artificial reefs construction.
  • Harbour dredging.
  • Transport and handling of machinery.

Mediterráneo cuarto

Mediterráneo cuatro

  • LENGTH: 30 m.
  • BEAM: 7 m.
  • DRAUGHT: 1.80 m.
  • ENGINE: 430 HP

Excavation and dredging equipment: Hydraulic crane HIAB 190. 100m³ tank with dumping doors. Bow winch.

Navigation Aids: VHF Radio. Lowrance X-16 Echo sounder. GPS Magellan Nav 500. Radar Furuno.

Auxiliary equipment: Auxiliary Generator140 Kva. HP and LP compressors. Bow thruster. 

Accommodation: 5 crew in three cabins, messroom , galley and  WC.

  • Maritime and harbour construction.
  • Outfall pipes construction.
  • Artificial reefs construction.
  • Salvage.
  • Marine Navigation aids installation.

Encarna II

Encarna II

  • LENGTH: 23 m.
  • BEAM: 8 m.
  • DRAUGHT: 2 m.
  • ENGINE: 350 HP

Excavation and dredging equipment:   Cartepillar 215 Backhoe excavator. Hydraulic grapple  1m&sup3. Dredging depth: direct 6 mts.; with extension 10mts. Two transport tanks 50 m&sup3.

Lifting equipment: Boom with hydraulic tugger  6 Tn direct pull. Boat total cargo capacity 70 Tm.

Navigation and communications equipment: Radar Furuno.  Lowrance X-16 Echo Sounder. GPS Magellan Nav 5000 D. Mobile Radiotelephone GSM.

Auxiliary equipment: Three phase auxiliary generator 380V 40 Kva. Electric compressor 200 bars. Bow and aft hydraulic tuggers . Auxiliary craft 25HP outboard engine.

Accommodation : 4 crew, galley and WC.

  • Submarine outfall pipe construction.
  • Artificial reefs construction.
  • Harbour dredging.
  • Transport and handling of machinery.

Gran azul

Gran azul

  • LENGTH: 7 m.
  • BEAM: 3 m.
  • DRAUGHT: 1 m.
  • EMGINE: 125 HP

Navigation aids: VHF Radio. Echo Sounder.

  • Maritime and harbour construction.
  • Outfall pipes construction.
  • Artificial reefs construction.
  • Deep diving operations support.
  • Salvage.

Mediterráneo dos

Mediterráneo dos

  • LENGTH: 6,80 m.
  • BEAM: 2,50 m.
  • DRAUGHT: 0,25 m.
  • ENGINE: Outboard gasoil Suzuki, 100 C.V.

Cudomar uno

Cudomar uno

  • LENGTH: 6,80 m.
  • BEAM: 2,40 m.
  • DRAUGHT: 0,25 m.
  • ENGINE: Outboarda gasoil Suzuki, 100 C.V.

Mediterráneo 11

Mediterráneo once

  • LENGTH: 6.5 m.
  • BEAM: 2.5 m.
  • DRAUGHT: 0.3 m.
  • ENGINE: Outboard 115 HP
  • Inspections and bathymetries.
  • Made with high resistance polyethylene. Heavy duty reinforcment. Lights frame, divers ladder.
  • Diving operations support.
  • Gear transportation.
  • Buoyage installation.

Mediterráneo seis

Mediterráneo seis

  • LENGTH: 6 m.
  • BEAM: 2,5 m.
  • DRAUGHT: 0,18 m.
  • ENGINE: Outboard Mercury, 90 HP

Elena IV

Elena IV

  • LENGTH: 5 m.
  • BEAM: 2 m.
  • DRAUGHT: 0.7 m.
  • ENGINE: Outboard Yamaha, 60 HP

Mediterraneo siete

Mediterráneo siete

  • LENGTH: 5,20 m.
  • BEAM: 2,16 m.
  • DRAUGHT: 0,17 m.
  • ENGINE: Outboard Mercury, 60 HP