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Empresa española, fundada en 1985, de carácter multidisciplinar que cuenta con los mejores medios tecnológicos y personal cualificado para realizar sus trabajos bajo el mar

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Safety at work

Being aware of the importance that working conditions have on the health and safety at work of our employees, and the kind of activities we carry out , we always try to effectively improve the conditions in which the work is done.

This also includes the compliance with the Spanish Law “31/1995 de 8 de Noviembre, sobre Prevención de Riesgos Laborales (B.O.E. Nº 269 de 10 de Noviembre de 1995) “, stablishing the need to integrate the culture of prevention at all levels within the company.

For both reasons our Company has implemented it´s own Health & Safety Policy with the aim of promoting the improvement of working conditions and the safety, health and welfare of it´s employees.

SalvavidasThe responsability of Risk Prevention at work management falls on everyone within the Company, and the board of directors incorporates the commitment of preventative management on their daily routines . Taking into account that the continuous improvement only comes with information, consultation and personnel participation at all levels.

In compliance with this principles, and according to our integrated quality, environment and health & safety at work management system, based on norms OHSAS 18001, ISO 9001 e ISO 14001 the following Health & Safety Policy was created:

Normas de seguridad

Each working position has it´s own updated Risks Manual which includes the applicable risks and preventative actions. The manuals have been developed with focus on the areas of common activity for each group of positions.

For those activities that are usual within the Company there is a set of safety instructions including the applicable regulation for each case and the associated risks as well as the preventative actions to be taken.

The training in prevention is an essential commitment of the company directorate. For this reason the employees with particulary risky activities receive a basic course in risk prevention at work coached by a Company´s superior technician. The annual training program also includes first aid courses, environment etc in order to offer our employees adequate continuous training.