Mediterráneo Servicios Marinos

Empresa española, fundada en 1985, de carácter multidisciplinar que cuenta con los mejores medios tecnológicos y personal cualificado para realizar sus trabajos bajo el mar

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Social and educational · Activities

There are areas of care of variable location and activities take place with mentally, physically or sensorially disabled people. The adapted ludic pedagogic and therapeutic   workshops aim to provide  learning and entertaining.

The location is adjusted depending on the group needs, season of the year, etc.

One of the installations is on our province beaches for the enjoyment of the sea .

Other activities are made on specific dates special events trying to integrate the physically and mentally disable people into local festivities or celebrations.

Servicio de ayuda al baño

Bathing support Service in specially design areas by occupational  therapists and physiotherapists that offer in water rehabilitation for physically and/or functionally  handicapped persons  . This way we provide the necessary support, so the users can interact with the marine environment  and it´s benefits.

Specialised centers focused on rehabilitation for persons with dependency situations ( old or disabled ) in which we carry out therapeutic workshops giving full quality assistance and improving their own quality of life and their families as well.

We offer the necessary services at their own residence in support of the carers of persons in situation of dependency with the aim of improving their life quality.

Installation , maintenance, and removal of sunshades, in water rest chairs and buoys of special bathing areas for disabled or persons with reduced mobility.

zonas de baño para usuarios con movilidad reducida

Management Plans of Accessible Areas: The objective of these plans is to take advantage and adequate the existing infrastructures for it´s use by disable and dependent persons optimizing the resources to the maximum.

  • Recreational: Go to the cinema in groups,theaters, concerts, thematic parks etc etc…
  • Cultural: Take advantage of the Alicante Province cultural offer visiting museums, monuments, popular festivities, archeological heritage, exhibitions, etc…
  • Sports: We develop a wide range of adapted sport activities and organise visits to sport events in our province like futbol, sail races, tenis…
  • Environmental: We offer a close view of the natural environment to become aware of the importance of it´s conservation and also to integrate the persons of the various municipalities we visit.

Servicios y Actividades Varias

We manage and coordinate internet centres guiding the youngsters to adequately use the new technologies and offering them computing courses and games with educational background.

Library Service for all ages on the beach and required specific areas.

Space where literature for adults and kids is offered as well as daily press, specialized magazines, and guides of the local area where it´s installed so the user can have information about it.

Bibliotecas móviles

Intervention, Orientation, Family and Infancy Mediation (SEAFI)

We develop actions to mitigate family problematic dynamics analysing different situations and applying adequate solutions for each case. Our line of intervention is: Orientation, Intervention and Family mediation.

Educational Intervention to Under Age and Families

Educational workshops for under age kids with social and family problems where professionals educators give support to the kids to reinforce the contents of the school curriculum outside the school timetable. Also we orientate the parents or tutors to reinforce the contents acquired at home.

Groups to debate themes related with education, family and health to aid families in need of guidance or orientation to acquire knowledge, attitudes and the necessary tools to fulfill their role as fathers/mothers.

Development of actions in communities with social problems like illegal ocupation, vandalism, lack of coexistence rules, malfunction and disorganization of living conditions and to prevent or mediate on conflicts that may arise.

Assesment and diagnostic of social realities and shortages in socioeconomically problematic neighborhoods.

We carry out actions to be able to know the social, economical and cultural problematics in neighborhoods with social exclusion by designing and applying sociological tools aimed to obtain a real view of the situation and the real needs of the population.

Such intervention is made in order to take decisions to achieve a sustainable neighbourhood development and it´s integration in the city.