Mediterráneo Servicios Marinos

Empresa española, fundada en 1985, de carácter multidisciplinar que cuenta con los mejores medios tecnológicos y personal cualificado para realizar sus trabajos bajo el mar

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The company has its headquarters and main operational base in the area of ​​the Nueva Dársena Pesquera in Alicante, a complete 1,625 m² warehouse where the offices, workshop and depot are located, as well as an annex zone of ​​4,336 m² surface.

In the main offices are located the Administration and Accounting departments, as well as the Technical Office and the headquarters of the structural departments. Additionally you can find an area with several seawater tanks.

The facilities are located 200m from the docks of the Nueva Dársena Pesquera where our boats have their home port. In addition, in the same area you can find a dry dock where our boats periodically pass the mandatory inspections.








We have 500m² of real area with shelves until 4 heights for the storage of our equipment and tools.








We have an exclusive zone with proper tools and machines for repairing and maintenance of our boats and equipments.







Installation with seawater tanks

Inside of the warehouse and undercover, there is an installation with seawater tanks where we perform different activities such as R & D projects, desalination of archaeological material, storage of shellfish, etc …

Marine Biology Department-Laboratory for samples processing

Laboratorio de procesado de muestras

Mediterráneo Servicios Marinos has a fully equipped laboratory for the processing and analysis of sediment, water and biological samples.

Granulometry tests are carried out according to European Norm UNE-EN 933 for marine and terrestrial sediments characterisation. This is a preliminary step for various studies regarding engineering, construction and biological research activities.

The ammount of parameters obtained through water sampling analysis are numerous. Among them: Amoniac, DBO, DQO, Nitrates, phosphates….

Also the Mediterráneo Servicios Marinos laboratory carry out various tests to determine and characterize marine biological samples and macrofauna . In the other hand is also specialized in demographic and lepidocronologic studies of phanerogam fields.